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Hei kaikki! Tällä kertaa postaus tulee toisinpäin kuin yleensä, eli nyt pääasiassa englanniksi ja vain tiivistelmä lopussa suomeksi. 

Hi everyone! I had the pleasure to receive a Liebster Blog Award from Géraldine from Wool and Cats. Thank You, sweet Géraldine! Wow, I was really surprised and pleased!

The Award is given by a blogger to his/her favourite blogs (up to 11) and the nominee should answer 11 questions. The nominee of the award should in his/her turn nominate new blogs and ask the same or new questions from those blogs. I also understood that the idea is to introduce blogs with less than 200 Facebook followers... ( I read some rules in French and I'm not entirely sure I got everything right)

The questions Géraldine forwarded me (or as I understood them with my poor French & with the aid of Google Translator) and my answers as follows:

1. What does the name of your blog mean?
It's a combination of two things: my love for Sarah Kay / Holly Hobbie -type of ragdollish images and the breed of my cat (Ragdoll).
2. How much time do you spend with your blog, per week?
It varies, maybe from one to three hours. Plus the time it takes to make the crafts I present in my posts!  
3. Your favourite colour? 
That changes from time to time! Maybe yellow at the moment.
4. What's your favourite craft?
Crochet. No competition there.
5. How many blogs do you follow?
I would say maybe 20, some more regularly than others.
6. Are you a creative soul?
I am, yes, but I can keep it under control :)
7. Is there a material you most like to work with?
Working with cotton yarn feels the best 
8. Yarn and you...
I simply *need* yarn to crochet somethin. I need to crochet if not daily, at least weekly.
9. At what age did you learn to crochet/knit?
Oh, I must have been about 10-11. But the real burst of crocheting for me started maybe four years ago.
10. Who taught you?
I think I learned at school at first but my mom is a knitting/crochet wizard so I think she's taught me a lot, too. (Moi Äiti! Hi Mom!)  
11. What are your future projects?
There are so many...I have many smaller ideas but one bigger project I'd like to start (and finish) is a crochet throw for my sofa. But that would take a lot of yarn and a bit more patience than I generally have...But maybe some day :)

The questions I'd like to ask from the blogs I nominate are:
1. What does the name of your blog mean?
2. How much time do you spend with your blog, per week?
3. Your favourite colour?
4. What's your favourite craft, or is there one?
5. How many blogs do you follow?
6. Are you a creative soul?
7. Is there a material you most like to work with in crafts/DIY?
8. What is the best thing about blogging in your opinion?
9. Is there a craft or other skill you would like to learn in the future?
10. Who do you look up to in crafts/DIY?
11. What are your future craft/DIY projects?

Most of the blogs I follow are written only in Finnish. However, I want to nominate blogs that are written at least briefly in English, since automatic translators are completely pants in translating Finnish (it's just too complex for them). This extra-rule of mine reduced the number of my nominations from the standard 11 to 6.

And the Blogs I'd like to nominate for The Liebster Blog Award are (in no particular order):

Dollhouse Casablanca http://nukkekoticasablanca.blogspot.fi/
Beautiful Dreams http://unrealizeddream.blogspot.fi/
Iinu http://iinun.blogspot.fi/
Nina with Freckles https://ninawithfreckles.wordpress.com/
Cute and Cool Creations https://veilan.wordpress.com/
Everyday Grays http://everydaygrays.blogspot.fi/

Congrats to all the blogs for the award, I hope you all find the time to participate!  

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you've had a great weekend. Below some moments from mine... and my attempt to make and hang a cinnamon stick ornament. The scent and the jingle was too much for my Ragdoll...
Sain tosi mukavan yllätyksen, Liebster Blog Awardin, ranskalaiselta bloggaajalta Géraldinelta Wool and Cats -blogista. Wau! Oli tosi ihana huomionosoitus. Liebster Blog Awardin saajan tulee vastata annettuihin kysymyksiin sekä jatkaa ketjua uusilla (tai samoilla) kysymyksillä haluamiltaan blogeilta. Tämä on tosi kiva tapa tutustua uusiin blogeihin, kun tutkii kaikkia palkinnon saaneita blogeja. Löysin Géraldinen listaltakin tosi monia kivoja blogeja. 

Mukavaa kun kävit! Toivottavasti viikonvaihteesi on sujunut hyvin, yllä tunnelmia omastani... Yritin tehdä ja ripustaa esille kanelitankokoristeen. Tuoksu ja kilinä oli kissalle sitten liikaa.

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  1. I know what you mean when you say that you have to keep your creative soul in bay! I am full of ideas and my day would need 20 hours more if followed all of these ideas!

    Love how you cat pops into your pictures! :)

    Take care

    1. Thanks for your comment, Anne! There are just not enough hours in a day, are there?
      And yes, my cat is truly into photobombing :D!


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